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Western Racquet Green Bay WI

Adult Tennis Programs

Western's adult tennis program is extensive. Drills, mixers, tournaments, and leagues allow for interactive play each week. Western tennis professionals will hit with you for a brief evaluation to ensure that you are placed in a group that is comfortable for you!

Tennis 101: This is the perfect 6-week class for adults who have never played or have not played tennis for many years and need a refresher course. Non-members are welcome.

Advanced Beginner Tennis 102: Now that you have the basics, its time to put it into action. This class builds on the foundation created from Tennis 101. Specialty shots and doubles and singles strategy will be the focus in this 6-week class.

Weekly Drills: Perfect for every level. Join us for a chance to improve all aspects of your game and meet new tennis partners!

Private and Private Group Tennis Lessons: Lessons are an excellent way to work on a specific problem you may be having with your strokes or strategy. Contact our Tennis Director at (920) 497-1161 to set up a lesson with one of our Tennis Professionals.