Put the "WE" in Wellness

January 15, 2021

Katie DuBois

I’ve never been one to set New Year’s resolutions. “On January 1st, I’m going to...”, nope. Not me. I know myself too well. I’ll set too many goals, or too big of a goal, and fail. I’ve always just let the New Year come and continue on, taking it day by day as I usually do. But this year feels different to me, does it for you too? These past few weeks I’ve found myself spending many moments reflecting. Reflecting on where we’ve been the past 10 months...what has happened, how we’ve changed. It’s been A LOT of change. For all of us. Our jobs look different, our businesses look different and the way we interact is REALLY different. But one thing I’ve recognized that has remained the same is our CONNECTION. Through all of this, we’ve still managed to stay connected with each other in some way, and for most of us, that has been our saving grace.

For a moment, take yourself back to March of 2020. When the pandemic began, schools went virtual, and the world shut down. Remember that? Remember how you felt? You woke up each day not knowing what to expect – from the news, your emotions, your job, your family – every day was different. One day you were happy and feeling motivated. The next day you were sad and unsure. Now, fast forward through the past 10 months. And think about how we’ve adapted to our ever-changing circumstances! How our families, friends and kids have adapted! We’ve learned new technology, how to work and go to school from home!  Isn’t it incredible? All this time, no matter what challenge has come our way, we’ve adapted, and we’ve done it all by staying connected. Let that sink in, and let it make you smile.

I keep thinking how during a time like this it’s very fitting that the first two letters in the word Wellness are “WE”. Not “I”, or “Me”, but “WE”. Wellness is a word we often identify with and define on an individual basis. We talk about goals and taking action to achieve a healthier lifestyle. From how we eat, to how we exercise, to how we take care of our ourselves...but on an individual basis. We use words like “I”, “Me”, and “Self”. We set aside time to better ourselves both physically and mentally, with the goal of putting ourselves first. Yet as I reflect on the past 10 months and where we’ve all been, and how far we’ve come, I can’t help but feel that the word Wellness doesn’t just apply to me. I keep thinking about how everything we’ve achieved during this time has been due to our connection with each other. We’ve worked together to find solutions to the challenges we’ve faced. We’ve joined each other in virtual classes and meetings to keep pushing forward. We’ve rallied behind each other and encouraged each other to keep Wellness a priority in our lives. All of this connection we’ve managed to maintain makes me wonder - what if part of achieving Wellness in our individual lives - especially now - also included, WE: “Us”, “Our”, “You and I”. What if the best way to come out on the other side of these ongoing circumstances and pushing forward is together, not alone.

So, whether you set New Year’s resolutions or not, maybe this year try adding a little extra “WE” to your Wellness goals. Maintain those connections you’ve held onto, make new connections and mend broken ones. Maybe reach out to a family member or friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Take a little time to join your child in their virtual classroom. Take that group fitness class you’ve been thinking about trying. The way we connect with each other may look different right now, but it is what has kept us moving into the future. It is what has kept us all somewhat sane during these past 10 months! Because I can confidently say that without other’s support and companionship, this New Year would look and feel pretty different, and I bet you can say the same.

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