5 Tips for Your First Group Fitness Class

December 16, 2021

Kari Merrill

I know you hear us. The music. The instructor with far too much energy. The participants cheering each other on, stepping outside their comfort zone, making fitness <gasp> FUN! 

This is what Group Fitness Classes are all about and why we want you to join us.  The camaraderie, changing up your routine, seeing what new color of shoes your favorite instructor is wearing for class, and most importantly - making it fun!

Besides, that’s why many are coming to the gym, right? Variety is the spice of life! Nobody wants to do the same things over and over, on repeat, especially if they aren't fun. Your instructors work behind the scenes to make classes interesting, challenging, and, sometimes, they are even pretty funny. Group fitness classes are your party and we are the host! We are, dare I say it, your Exertainers. We love to make your day better!

But what if you have never taken a class?  We get it - it's the unknown.  It's hard to take that first step into something new! The anxiety of walking in and not knowing where equipment is, where to stand, if you will…heck…survive (you will, by the way).

Well, keep reading.  I got you.

Here are 5 tips for your first Group Fitness Class that will make that first step into the studio a bit less stressful.


1. Do your research

Check out the Group Fitness Schedule on our website (westernracquet.com/group-fitness) or at the club. We have descriptions of our classes so you know what to expect. Find out what studio they are in, if you need to sign up ahead of time, and who teaches the class. You can ask our Front Desk, Membership Directors, or me - we would all love to talk to you about what you can expect in our classes

2. Arrive Early

The instructors are in the studios ahead of time, so come a bit early and have a chat if you're feeling nervous! Find out what equipment you need and let the instructor know it’s your first class.  Morgan (in the photo below), went from being a Group Fitness participant to instructor this last year, and knows exactly what it feels like to jump into the unknown. Now that she is an instructor, she makes sure to have her mats set up for Barre and gathers up any other equipment for new participants and let’s them know what they will be used for. She says, "I’ve learned if you hand somebody who is new to fitness a felt square and green rubber had they tend to look at you like you’re crazy." Don't worry! Your instructors will guide you through anything you have questions about!

3. Find Your Spot

Now that you are in the door it is time to find your spot. I know there is talk that people have their spots but I assure you, that everyone in class is happy to have you and remember, they were once you, taking a class for the first time. Every spot is your spot, however, I always suggest finding a spot in the middle of the room. This way you can see the instructor, your form in the mirror, and if the class turns to the side or back of the room for a movement, you will still have people to follow and won’t be the new front row.

4. Come As You Are

Every single person in that room is at a different spot in their journey and each day and we all move differently. We want you to be safe and to be successful - so just come as you are! Do not compare. Do not do anything that hurts (in a bad way) or doesn’t feel right for your body that day. I guarantee everyone is working on themselves and cheering you on - so just move, smile, and let it all happen. You do not need to "get in shape" and move perfectly to join us. Group fitness is for EVERYONE. Read that sentence over.

5. Come Back!

THE most important on the list. Come back! I always say that when we try something new for the first time - we don't expect perfection. Take a guitar. You would not pick up a guitar and expect to play your favorite Sugarland jam around the campfire the first try. But, for some reason, we do not give ourselves grace when it comes to fitness. It does take time. To build endurance. To understand instructor cues. To learn choreography. To figure out what size weights are medium for you. So, come back again and again. We want to see your sweaty face and show you how we bring the FUN when it comes to fitness.

We hope to see you soon!

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