Top 11 Extra Amenities You Should Look for at the Gym

March 4, 2023

Sophie Bebeau

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. The cherry on top of the milkshake. The little massage at the hair salon. The mint on your pillow when you get to the hotel. The extra luxuries are what can elevate an everyday experience into something special, and that includes at the gym.

At the gym, some seemingly small amenities can go a long way in supporting your wellness and fitness goals. If you live in the Green Bay area, you know there are plenty of gyms and fitness centers that tout all the best services, but do they actually offer the extra amenities that take the gym experience from typical to exceptional?

Let’s take a look at the top ten small but powerful extra amenities you should be looking for in a gym to make sure you get the most out of your membership.

1. Towel Service

Towel service is probably at the bottom of your list when it comes to extras you think about when you’re looking for a new gym, but it’s one of those perks that you can’t imagine life without once you’ve got a taste. Most gyms have locker rooms and showers available for their members but most gyms do not provide towels. That means if you finish up your lunchtime workout and realize you left your towel at home, you’re going back to the office a little sweatier than you left. It may seem small, but it’s nice to have one less thing to worry about packing in your gym bag each day.

Bonus: You might just get an extra dose of luxury with a fresh, warm towel straight from the dryer.

2. Sauna & Steam Room

One of the best ways to recover and unwind after a workout is by hitting the sauna or steam room. Besides being incredibly relaxing, saunas and steam rooms have some heavy-hitting health benefits. Studies have shown that regular use of saunas and steam rooms improves energy, boosts your immune system, relieves pain, improves skin health, and aids in muscle recovery, among other things. If your gym offers a sauna and steam room, you’ve got a built-in secret wellness weapon! (Plus, if you live in Green Bay, Wisconsin you can look forward to some extra warmth during the winter months.)

Bonus: Look for a gym with separate saunas and steam rooms for men and women for a little more privacy and comfort.

3. Options for Frequent Travelers

If you’re on the road a lot or just on a family vacation and you don’t want to miss your workout, being a member at the right gym can help! If your gym is part of the IHRSA passport program, then you don’t need to miss your wellness and fitness routine when you’re away from home. Members of gyms who are part of IHRSA’s passport program can get flexible day and week passes at other participating gyms around the world (in 45+ countries)!

Bonus: You’ll get a 25% discount on day passes at all clubs enrolled in the IHRSA Passport Program.

4. Referral Bonuses

Good gyms know that word of mouth is golden when it comes to attracting new members. If you love your gym and you tell people about it, check to see if your gym has a referral program. Many gyms provide different incentives, like money off their membership, rewards points, or special prizes, when they refer new members.

Bonus: When you refer friends or family members to your gym, not only do you get referral incentives, you get a workout buddy too

5. Rewards Program

Most of us aren’t strangers to rewards programs these days - just about every business has some kind of incentive for their customers, offering points or prizes for certain activities. Your gym should be no different! Check to see if your gym has a rewards program in place and find out how you can start earning for the activities you’re already doing every week anyway.

Bonus: Some gyms have special events or activities that will earn you double or even triple rewards!

6. Member App

We know - not another app! But trust us, when it comes to the gym, an app can be a huge convenience, making it seamless and efficient to handle fees, check class schedules, sign up for programs and events, and book appointments. Having everything in one easy place for members to access is just a small touch that makes the overall experience as a member that much more appealing.

Bonus: Some apps take streamlining to the next level and allow you to check into the gym via your phone.

7. Regular Newsletter

There’s usually a lot more happening at the gym than you might realize, especially if you’re part of a larger gym, local fitness center, or multi-sport athletic center. A gym with good regular communication with its members will help keep you in the loop about things happening around the gym so you don’t miss that new seasonal smoothie, outdoor boot camp, or kitten yoga class!

Bonus: If your gym has a regular newsletter and you’ve got something you want to get the word out about, it’s likely they’d be happy to save a feature spot for you!

8. Wellness & Recovery Programs

Many gyms nowadays aren’t just focused on giving their members a great workout - they also want to make sure you’re recovering well too! Lots of gyms and sports centers have incorporated wellness and recovery services into their offerings with services like cryotherapy, light therapy, massage therapy, foam rollers, trigger point release, and more. After all, a better recovery today means a better workout tomorrow!

Bonus: Some gyms have these services already built into membership. Check with your gym to see what you might already have access to just by being a member.

9. Free Group Fitness Classes

A lot of gyms advertise group fitness classes, but fail to mention that they cost extra money on top of your monthly membership. Group fitness classes are a great way to inject some variety into your workout, and studies show that working out in a group actually increases your motivation. But if you join a gym with group exercise classes only to find out they charge an additional fee to take, you might feel a little duped. Look for gyms that advertise FREE classes as part of their membership and check out weekly schedules to see what kind of fitness classes they offer to their members.

Bonus: Going to regular group fitness classes is a great way to make friends and become part of a fun community.

10. Nutrition Services

What we put into our bodies makes a big impact on how we look, feel, and perform. Even though regular exercise is a big part of overall health - studies show that just 150 minutes of aerobic exercise each week lowers the risk of dying by any cause by 31% - nutrition plays an enormous role in our overall health and fitness levels. Anyone who has a fitness goal, regardless of fitness level, should be focusing on the food they're eating as well as the exercise they're doing. That’s why some gyms are supporting their member’s fitness goals with in-house nutrition services and on-staff registered dietitians. Look for a gym that offers high-quality nutrition services and qualified nutrition professionals to support your health and wellness goals.

Bonus: Nutrition counseling isn’t just about weight loss. Find a gym that has a full range of nutrition programs and a “body-positive” approach to nutrition for the best results.

11. Community

We know, we know, this probably wouldn’t exactly be considered an amenity, but we think it’s a hugely important “extra” for any gym or fitness center. Being part of a community that is welcoming, supports your goals, cheers your wins, and wants to see you succeed can be transformative in the way you approach fitness and wellness in your life. When you’re part of a community of like-minded people working towards similar goals, your own goals become more achievable, and most importantly, more fun and rewarding to work towards!

Bonus: Becoming part of a fitness and wellness community doesn’t have to revolve around solely fitness activities. Find a gym that fosters a sense of community not only with interesting fitness classes and programs but events that take you outside of the fitness space and help you connect with other gym members in fun and meaningful ways.

Don’t settle for the bare minimum at the gym.

When you’re looking for a gym, don’t settle on just any big box fitness center or one-trick pony studio. Look for a gym that supports your goals and backs it up with its amenities, from the services and programs they offer right down to the towels.

We won’t toot our horn too loudly (okay, we might), but everything you see on this list is something you’ll find at Western Racquet & Fitness Club - and there’s more where that came from! From towel service, dedicated saunas and steam rooms in each of our locker rooms, 50+ free group fitness classes, free recovery services for members, and so much more, Western is invested in making our members’ everyday experience at the gym above average.

Visit us today at 2500 S. Ashland Avenue, Green Bay, WI or activate a free 14-day trial and get a taste of everything Western has to offer.

Already a member? Don’t miss out on referral bonuses and rewards points when you refer a new member to Western. Learn more about all the amenities you know about and maybe some you haven’t tried yet at

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