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When you invest in your employees’ wellbeing to help them perform at their best, you demonstrate the commitment to creating a happier and healthier workplace.

Enhance your wellness program by partnering with us and choosing from discounted memberships, movement activities and educational sessions intended to help your employees realize their goals and foster community.

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We know that when we learn together, we grow together. By sharing our knowledge and expertise through a range of solutions across nutrition and movement, our programs are intended to help participants realize their greatness and reach their goals with confidence.

We build community

We are more powerful when we empower each other. At Western, we work to connect like-minded individuals in the community through solutions for in person, remote, and hybrid employees, that are essential to everyone's well-being. When we are connected, we elevate each other to become stronger, happier, and capable of achieving more.

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Corporate Membership Offerings

Get your crew moving with on- or off-site group fitness classes and interactive fitness presentations or get in touch with your inner child with some Adult Recess!
Registered Dietitian, Tad Taggart, brings his unique approach to nutrition alive with bite-size (pun very much intended) introductions to everything you could want to know about the world of nutrition.
Get your staff thinking about movement and nutrition from a whole new perspective! Utilizing a "gamified" approach, these activities are geared to leave your staff smiling, laughing and learning at the same time.


Sessions can be customized to be 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length and can be held on-site at your business, at Western Racquet & Fitness Club, or done virtually online.

Fitness Fundamentals

Break down any barriers preventing you from getting into the weight room. Learn from a fitness pro how to build an effective and efficient workout. By the end of this program, participants will feel comfortable putting together a workout wherever they are, whether it’s in a full-size weight room, an onsite office gym, or at home with minimal equipment. Participants will also receive a variety of tips and tricks on how to maintain proper form, avoid major mistakes, and fast-track results.

Group Exercise Class

Treat your team to a group fitness class with one of our incredible instructors! Choose from a variety of class formats like Yoga, Cycling, Boxing, Strength, Dance Fitness, HIIT and Meditation. Classes can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes depending on your preference, and are great for all levels of fitness. Or choose any three formats and create your own “Movement Sampler”! Please note that depending on the class format, some are only offered at Western Racquet & Fitness Club.

Adult Recess with Funtensity

Lose yourself in play to find yourself in fitness – where brain science meets exercise! Get your team playing like kids again with this thoughtful unique workout session. Utilizing various brain health strategies paired with creative fitness programming, your team will forget they're even working out because they’re having so much fun! Give your team a break in their day to laugh and play.


Discussions are 60 minutes in length, allowing 45 minutes for the presentation and 15 minutes for Q & A. Sessions can be done in person or virtually and can be recorded and shared with all attendees.


Intro to Intuitive Eating

Ditch dieting for good. This presentation will help you unlearn all the myths and misinformation surrounding how some say you ‘should’ be eating. Instead, tune in to your body’s innate wisdom as it relates to hunger, fullness, and nutritional needs.

Macros Made Easy

What are macros? Why do they matter? Should I be counting my macros? If so, how much do I need? Get all of these questions, and more, answered during this presentation.

Inflammation & Nutrition

Tame the inner flame. Find out how inflammation could be impacting your life and how nutrition could be your key to managing it. You may be surprised to learn about how easy it is to incorporate anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich foods to make a meaningful change.

Done with Dieting

This presentation series explores nutrition and health in ways that you may have never been taught or even considered. Discover why, contrary to most media and popular culture messages, Western’s registered dietitian does not support fad diets or weight loss as a way to pursue health. Through this series, you will explore your current definition of “healthy” and discover what pieces of your definition may be ‘missing the mark’. You are guaranteed to leave this informational series with new insight into your health and nutrition.

Gut Health (is Brain Health)

Many different presenters or authors have covered the connection of nutrition with brain health, while others cover nutrition and gut health. In this discussion, discover the intersection of gut and brain health. More specifically, learn why these two vital parts of the body are inherently linked and simultaneously impacted by our nutrition.

Intro to Health at Every Size

Learn the truth about body size and health. You might be surprised to learn what fitness influencers, researchers, and even doctors often get wrong.

Small (but Significant) Steps to a Healthier You

The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu is quoted saying “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” This presentation is designed to help you find what that “single step” is. This presentation provides an overview on the various levels of “nutritional knowledge and skill” from the perspective of a dietitian, helping you identify which level you are currently on. From there, each ‘level’ contains practical advice on how to make manageable and practical steps to elevate yourself to the ‘next nutritional level’.

Redefine Exercise

When it comes to starting or even maintaining a fitness routine, many will eventually lose motivation, get injured, or “fall off the wagon” at some point in life. For some, establishing any sort of fitness routine may be a lifelong struggle. For many others, there may be an overall aversion to exercise that has posed an ongoing obstacle to getting fit. In this presentation, you will explore your understanding of “exercise”. By redefining exercise, you will come to find how exercise optimally fits in your life, whether you’re a daily fitness junkie or someone who would never think to step foot in a gym.

Interactive Activities

Grocery Store Tour

Navigating a grocery store can be time-consuming, at best, and overwhelming, at worst. In small groups, you will get the opportunity to have an educational walk-through of a grocery store through the eyes of a dietitian. Learn how to shop healthy on a budget, quickly make health-focused decisions, systematically work through a grocery store with efficiency, and how to read nutrition labels to know you’re always making a good and healthy choice.

Grocery store tours have the option of finishing with Q&A time or a mini-competition or fun activity to apply what they just learned.

Scavenger Hunt (for Your Wellness)

It's time to assemble your dream-team! Filled with tricky riddles and gorgeous sights, this scavenger hunt will take you to various locations across Green Bay. The theme of this scavenger hunt is to help you discover resources for your health and well-being that can be found closer than you might've thought!

Hire an RD for the Day

We know that sometimes the smallest nutritional changes can result in major health improvements, which is why we’ve created this exclusive option just for our Corporate Partners! Invite Western’s Registered Dietitian to your place of business to offer nutrition coaching and assessments out of the convenience of your own office! Employees can reserve a time to receive feedback and recommendations on how to make immediate, realistic, and meaningful changes to their nutritional choices and habits.

Meal Planning and Prepping Made Easy

Whether you’ve never planned and prepared a meal in your life or you’re a seasoned kitchen veteran, you’ll leave this interactive presentation with practical, easy-to-implement tips and tricks. Our Fuel Bar Director will take you through hands on experience using a variety of seasonal, customizable recipes you can re-create at home.


Interactive sessions that can be customized to accommodate any size group, specific theme or topic, and can be held on-site at your business, at Western Racquet & Fitness Club, or virtually online.

Kahoot Nutrition & Fitness Trivia

Put your health and wellness to the test. This fast-paced trivia utilizes the Kahoot platform to make this a test of intellect and speed! Along the way, you’ll likely learn some fun, new facts about nutrition that will be helpful in your everyday life or even possibly at your next trivial night! Every participant will need a Wi-Fi enabled smartphone or smart device.

Wellness Wheel of Fortune

This highly interactive Wheel of Fortune-inspired game contains wellness-focused puzzles that will make you feel like you are on the real-life game show! During this game, you will learn a little and have a blast while doing it! This game is best played with groups of about 4-15 players, total.

Ice Breaker Workshop for Leaders & Managers

Switch up the feel of your regular staff meetings using these creative activities. Often known as “ice breakers”, these ideas will grab people’s attention, engage them in interactive ways, and get them talking and moving right off the bat.

Looking for something tailored to your company?

Let us customize a workplace program just for you.

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Create a program that fits within your budget
Give your staff input on things they would like to try

Pricing & Package Info

Pricing per session or activity will start at $120 and will be adjusted to accommodate special requests and materials/products needed depending on session chosen. Sessions can be booked individually, or receive a 10% discount when you purchase a package of four or more!

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Corporate Wellness Director, Group Fitness Instructor
Registered Dietitian, Precision Nutrition Coach

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