Get your staff thinking about movement and nutrition from a whole new perspective! Utilizing a "gamified" approach, these activities are geared to leave your staff smiling, laughing and learning at the same time.
Put your health and wellness to the test. This fast-paced trivia utilizes the Kahoot platform to make this a test of intellect and speed! Along the way, you’ll likely learn some fun, new facts about nutrition that will be helpful in your everyday life or even possibly at your next trivial night! Every participant will need a Wi-Fi enabled smartphone or smart device.
This highly interactive Wheel of Fortune-inspired game contains wellness-focused puzzles that will make you feel like you are on the real-life game show! During this game, you will learn a little and have a blast while doing it! This game is best played with groups of about 4-15 players, total.
Switch up the feel of your regular staff meetings using these creative activities. Often known as “ice breakers”, these ideas will grab people’s attention, engage them in interactive ways, and get them talking and moving right off the bat.
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