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Members, staff, and guests (age 5+) are required to wear a facial covering/mask at all times within our indoor facilities.

We are committed to helping you safely navigate your workout routine and continue to make progress toward your fitness and wellness goals. We will be adding a 20' x 40' covered outdoor pavilion at the north end of the building to be used for group exercise classes and outdoor fitness training. We look to remain flexible and will add more offerings and/or space, as necessary.

While wearing a mask during exercise may not feel ideal, there’s no question that getting in your regular exercise is critical to your health. Exercising with a mask on is still, without question, better than not exercising at all. Below are some helpful tips to help you adapt to mask-wearing and optimize your workout time.
Use your diaphragm to breathe instead of your chest. Think of breathing through your back while expanding your ribs.

When you start wearing a mask during your workouts, you may need to reduce the intensity of sessions, especially cardio. You can also increase rest periods while strength training. Continue to focus on breathing through your nose and aim for your exhales to be as least as long as your inhales, as that is how CO2 is expelled. Inadequate exhalation of CO2 is the main reason it may accumulate in the bloodstream when wearing a mask.
Our thoughts affect not only our minds, but our bodies, too. Consciously and regularly checking in on how you feel can help you physically and mentally relax during activity.

Masks lose their effectiveness when they are wet. If you plan to workout for more than 30 minutes, bring a spare mask along just in case. Also, wash your masks regularly.

•There will no longer be a need to sign-up for a workout time slot, but you will still need to use the app to sign-up for on-site group exercise classes. We will continually monitor club usage through our software to maintain capacity controls.

•You may resume making tennis court reservations for up to two hours per day, up to seven days in advance. The ball machine is available for rental at this time.

•The basketball court will be open for individual shooting. Please check with the front desk for multi-purpose room availability.

•The sauna, steam room, and hot tub are open and have limits of two people per space at any one time.
Western will be offering group fitness classes on-site and virtually via Zoom, with the goal in mind of helping to meet the needs and comfort levels of all of our members!

All indoor classes require masks be worn at all times.

View the current schedule below or click the button to download.

We are continuing to serve you online, through the Group Ex Junkies Facebook page and Western Workouts page, as well as the club's Virtuagym app, which offers over 900 on-demand classes in a variety of formats. 

Click below for our current schedule and to read through the guidelines and sign up process for attending classes.
Access your Western Virtuagym account through the app or online portal! 

The Virtuagym portal provides a member community forum, a platform for fitness challenges, virtual workouts and classes, fully customized training from Western staff, and sign up access for our on-site group fitness classes!

Click below to access your account! If you did not receive your initial Virtuagym login e-mail, please contact us at info@westernracquet.com.
Reserve private studio time at Western!

We would like to provide you with some options to reserve private studio space. We will have space available in the TRX studio, where there will be a treadmill, a spin bike, and weights. We will also be moving a Peloton bike into the cycling studio. Please use the Western Virtuagym app or online portal to reserve your 50-minute spot up to 3 days in advance.

Click below to view or download the PDF of the Club Precautions & Safety Guide.

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