"Fall"ing Into a Wellness Routine

September 3, 2020

Jamie Burich

Here we are in September and fall is in the air! The days are slowly losing sunlight. School is back in session. Pumpkin spice everything is popping up everywhere we look and our favorite oversized sweaters are being pulled out of storage. Long summer weekends are a thing of the past but the sun's wrath still lingers on our delicate skin. Dark spots appear on our faces that weren't there 3 months ago. You tell yourself, but I used sunblock, I mean, I mostly used sunblock. Maybe I forgot the sunblock a few times? It’s too much hassle to put the sunblock on. I’ll do better next year. This is me and so many other people I know. We are well-intentioned at the beginning of summer, and then we lose steam when it comes to our personal well-being as the summer goes on.

Of course, there are amazing products that can help like lotions, gels and serums, but at Western Wellness and Recovery we have another tool that can help along with those topical solutions. LED light therapy can help reverse these stubborn sun exposure issues. We have a full-body option as well as an option just your face called the Celluma. Our light therapy services can help with hyperpigmentation, discoloration, or dark spots, as well as boost collagen production which can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Light therapy is good for both women and men and can also help with current acne and past acne scarring. And remember all those “fall is in the air” routines we’ve started? That can also include the start of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). The sun, which can leave nasty reminders of itself on our skin, also gives us Vitamin D which is essential and mood-boosting. Good news for us, because while we use the LED services to help our skin, at the same time it gives us the Vitamin D we seem to lack during the cold, dark snowy months we endure as Wisconsinites. Better news for us, there is no harmful UV rays with our LED services. This essential vitamin will help sufferers of SAD all while helping to repair our delicate skin.

Keep in mind while our new routines are falling into place we need to continue taking care of ourselves, whether it be with Western’s LED therapies, our immune-boosting cryotherapy treatments or are compression therapy NormaTec. We are here for you all year round for all things Wellness and Recovery.

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