Finding Joy

January 29, 2021

Amy Xiong

In the craziness of life, I often forget to be joyful and to find or be reminded of what brings me the most joy.

The past year has caused worry, anxiousness, stress and so many other emotions. We’ve had to navigate the unknown even more than normal.

It always leaves me feeling somewhat numb and just going through the motions of daily life. I have to remind myself to only control what I can, and that is myself and taking care of my family.

That’s where we need to come back and be present.


Present with our family, in our work, and in our daily life. We can’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow, but be in the present moment.


Think about what brings you joy.


Is it a hobby?





Food? (I love food




What truly brings you joy?


It’s the simple things in life for me. I have a very energetic 3-year-old. He reminds me to keep things simple. He’s silly and makes me laugh.


Quiet time by myself brings me joy. When I can simply enjoy 5 minutes to myself daily, that can often bring me the greatest joy, which shows how even the simplest of moments can produce moments of profound peace and happiness in our lives.


Here are a few ways to find simple joy in life:


1). Make a list of what you are thankful for.

2). Sing. Very loud!

3). Go for a walk outside.

4). Indulge yourself.

5). Watch a sunrise or sunset.

6). Try something new.

7). Laugh. A LOT.

8). Meditate.

9). Dance!

10). Start working towards a new goal.


Another thing that always brings me joy is being on my yoga mat. Flowing, breathing, moving, slowing down, just being.


Take some time to follow along with me in the video below and enjoy this joyful yoga practice.




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