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From boxing to yoga, HIIT to barre, and everything in-between - choose from a variety of group fitness classes that are designed to help you reach your goals with a community of like-minded people.

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Group Fitness Classes


This class combines the best of ballet, yoga, Pilates, strength while teaching you low impact exercises that are proven to help you build functional strength, conditioning, and tone.

Boxing S'HIIT

Hard hitting boxing combos and HIIT (high intensity intervals) combines with strength exercises will help you sweat out every last drop of stress.

Cardio Kickboxing

This class is filled with the fun, motivating, and hard hitting moves all to the beat of the music. You will build a routine one combo at a time.

Core & More

It's Core...and more. Think functional exercises that challenge the core, glutes, hips, and shoulders using a variety of equipment.


This is an intense cardio workout designed for all fitness levels. Experience the lights and sounds of our state of the art cycling studio and Schwinn Bikes with a console that helps track your power, rpm, and resistance.

Cycle Explicit Ride

An hour long explicit cycling class. It's loud. It's sassy. It's fun. Cost is $5.00. Please sign up to reserve your spot

Cycling S'HIIT

This fusion class has you on and off the bike going from cardio intervals and drills to strength training using a variety of equipment.

Dance Fitness

From Latin-inspired to Hip Hop, this class will teach you how to have fun and burn calories as you move to the music.

Gentle Strength & Balance

This class is designed for active older adults who want to improve their overall functional strength and balance.

Gentle Yoga

Highly instructional, this class will teach you how to use chairs, other props, modified poses, and slower flow to get the benefits of yoga at any level.

Heavy Bag Burnout

This class utilizes the heavy bags and speed bags. You will combine boxing techniques and combinations and incorporate other pieces of equipment for a full body boxing workout.
(Premier Class $)

In A Minute

You can do anything for a minute. This class focuses on building your strength endurance 60 seconds at a time.

Pumped Up Strength

This signature class takes your strength workout to the next level by utilizing combination movement patterns to create a total body strength routine that will rev your metabolism, challenge your body in new ways, and build lean muscle mass. We'll think outside of your basic squat and bicep curl to build strength and bust plateaus.


Give your joints a low-impact workout and even practice mindfulness as you get lost in the rhythm of the authentic, smooth feeling of water resistance.
(Premier Class $)

Rowing S'HIIT

This fusion class has you on and off the rower going from cardio intervals and drills to strength training using a variety of equipment.
(Premier Class $)


This circuit challenge utilizes a water rower to provide short burst, high intensity, calorie torching intervals along with functional strength and strength stations designed to target the legs, core, and arms.


This class will push you out of your comfort zone with high intensity intervals, plyometrics, weights, and more. This creative programming class has it all and is different every time.


Cardio HIIT and strength workout utilizing
the bench and other equipment. You will
be doing power, athletic moves on and off
the step. Options will be given for all
levels to enjoy this workout.


Full body strength class utilizing a variety of equipment. Instructor gives modifications for all fitness levels as you work through a functional workout.

Strong Nation

This is a high intensity interval training class using Synced Music Motivation. This class gives levels for all fitness levels and has you throwing punches, kicks, and using creative bodyweight movements.

Sunday Snippet

Try something new each month with the Sunday Snippet. Every month the Sunday class changes to feature something different. Check out the live schedule below to see this month's Snippet!


This class uses the suspension trainer to leverage gravity and your bodyweight to develop strength, balance, and flexibility. You modify the workout based on your fitness level. Every TRX Coach is certified and ready to help you get stronger.
(Premier Class $)

Yin Yoga

This class will teach you to hold basic yoga poses for longer intervals with a focus on your back, hips, and knees. Join us in a relaxing class that not only stretches your tight muscles but helps you refocus and breathe.


This class fuses breathe with movement while teaching you to balance strength, flexibility, and awareness. All instructors are certified and can assist you in your yoga journey.

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Premier Class packages can be used on any TRX, rowing, and Heavy Bag Burnout class and they never expire!

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Single Class









The TRX Suspension Trainer is the original, best-in-class workout system that leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. You're in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise - because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance.

The TRX Suspension Trainer:

Delivers a fast, effective total-body workout
Helps build a rock-solid core
Increases muscular endurance
Benefits people of all fitness levels (pro athletes to seniors)

Heavy Bag Burnout

Learn boxing techniques and combinations on the heavy bags and get a full body, heart pumping workout.

This is a full body, hour-long workout open to all levels!


Challenge the body and the mind on our WaterRower (TM) real water rowing machines! There are no gimmicks with rowing. It's been around for centuries and the benefits are numerous and scientifically proven. You'll work 80% of your muscle mass with every stroke, counteract sitting at your desk all day, give your joints a no-impact workout, and practice mindfulness as you get lost in the rhythm of the authentic, smooth feeling of water resistance.

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