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Casey Alger-Feser

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
I spent a year and a half studying Physical Education and Coaching at UWSP before leaving to pursue a career as a Fitness Professional. I got certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and began training in 2014. My athletic background stems from a love for playing and coaching basketball. I like to focus on building muscle and gaining confidence through exercise with my clients. I also really enjoy watching them achieve goals they didn't think they were capable of.
Alex Awve - Western Racquet and Fitness Club Personal Training Director

Alex Awve

Fitness Director, NSCA-CSCS Certified Personal Trainer
I graduated from UW-Stevens Point with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion and Wellness with a minor in Strength and Conditioning. I am a certified strength and conditioning specialist and I value personal training as the key to successfully reaching your goals. I assure you that I can find the right trainer for you to see and feel results. My personal training philosophy is based on two principles: knowing everyone has different goals and abilities and wanting to improve on clients goals in a positive manner.

Katie Fichtenbauer

ISSA Personal Trainer
Katie’s passion lies within building an overall functional athlete, creating confidence in and out of the gym, all while advancing a healthier mindset with her clients. Between working as a youth soccer coach, boxing and self defense schools, and now a fitness trainer, she has worked with clients, athletes, and future athletes ranging from ages 2-86. Boxing has become a highlight of Katie’s life from the way it is not only a well-rounded workout, but how it creates confidence in everyone she trains. She believes that each individual has an unknown power that they can tap into to embrace the greatest version of themselves and will dedicate her energy to bring this to fruition.

Robyn French

ISSA Personal Trainer
Robyn is certified as a Personal Trainer and also has a degree in Wellness & Health. Sports and fitness have always been an important part of her life and out of high school, Robyn started training in MMA and Lima Lama, a Polynesian form of self-defense, that created a strong love for strength training and exercise. Her passion drove her to want to help others with their own personal journeys of wellness and health.

Robyn is passionate about helping others see their full potential by living happier lives through positive changes and healthier lifestyle choices. She enjoys creating good relationships with her clients and formulating individualized workouts that are challenging but fun. Watching her clients work hard and succeed at their own personal journeys is rewarding and exciting. Her goal is to continue to learn and grow, to better assist her clients to the best of her abilities.
Andy Gaustad Western Racquet Fitness Personal Trainer

Andy Gaustad

MS, NSCA-CSCS Certified
I have been in the fitness industry for the past 10 years. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UW-Green Bay and a Master’s in Health Science from the University of Colorado where I was also an adjunct instructor for two years and the head strength coach at a private club. I have enjoyed working with athletes of all ages and skill levels. My main expertise is working on pain management, function and mobility, and assessing muscular imbalances and how to correct them.

Ryan Kostroski

ISSA Personal Trainer
Ryan’s obsession with all types of exercise has been evident since a young age. He started playing soccer at the age of 4 and after that he would take any opportunity available to play any sport he could. The sports-centered lifestyle continued through his high school days at Notre Dame Academy where being a member of the football team he gained access to both the weight room and more importantly the necessary training to learn to lift weights properly and effectively. Ryan credits the strength training he learned early on in his high school days as the foundation of his passion for fitness training.

Ryan enjoys sharing his passion for fitness with others and loves helping people find the confidence within themselves as they reach their fitness goals. Ryan prides himself on not only his training abilities but finding unique ways to motivate and build habits in line with his clients' lifestyles.

Olivia LaPlante

ISSA Personal Trainer
Olivia’s love and commitment to fitness stems from the active lifestyle she has adopted over the past 13 years. She believes that if hard work and determination are put into a workout, there is no doubt that goals will be conquered.

One of the primary goals that Olivia has as a trainer is to create meaningful relationships with her clients. Trust and communication are the foundation of any great relationship. With clients, the first session is the start to laying that foundation. From there, hard work, sweat and dedication are what will lead to success. There will be bumps in the road and hardships may get in the way, but as a personal trainer, Olivia knows how to keep her clients focused with the ability to stay on track to achieve their goals.
Kari Merrill, Group Fitness Instructor, Western Racquet & fitness club, green bay group fitness

Kari Merrill

Group Fitness Director, AFAA, NASM Certified Group Exercise Instructor
When I decided to follow my true passion for fitness and leave my career as a Correctional Officer, Western Racquet is where I grounded myself. I am the Group Fitness & Programming Director and also a Personal Trainer. I have brought programs such as TRX and Water Rowing to the facility. I am a NASM certified Personal Trainer, AFAA Certified Group Fitness instructor and hold certifications in DVRT, Bosu, and Education in TRX and Rip Training. I have recently become a presenter for SCW Mania Conferences.

Krystal Morgan

NSCA-CSCS Personal Trainer
Krystal has a bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion and Wellness from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and a minor in Nutrition and Strength and Conditioning. Krystal is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

She is a professional bodybuilder, a mom, and a Veteran in the Army Reserve. Krystal has over 12 years of personal training experience from various facilities, and is proud to have found the gym she can call home. In her free time she enjoys traveling, playing and watching sports, and hanging out with her two kids and husband, along with all her animals.

Zach Prochnow

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Zach loves to help people reach their full potential so they can perform and feel their best. He understands what it’s like to be out of shape and unhealthy, which is why it’s his number one goal is to teach clients how to make fitness a part of their daily lives. He puts an emphasis on improving movement, strength, and confidence.

Zach attended Northeast Wisconsin Technical College where he received his degree in Wellness & Health Promotion and became a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise.

Today, Zach’s life revolves around exercise and teaching others how to make the same positive changes that turned his life around.

Outside of training, Zach enjoys hiking with his girlfriend and dog, playing board games, spending time with family and participating in sports.
Tad Taggart personal trainer Western Racquet

Tad Taggart

ACSM-CPT Nutritionist & Personal Trainer
Tad is a personal trainer at Western Racquet & Fitness Club and is something of a "Jack of all trades". He has a personal background in fitness that includes long-distance running, powerlifting, bodybuilding, yoga, boxing, and cardio-kickboxing. He previously studied exercise science and kinesiology near Milwaukee, where his training career began. After graduating from Carroll University, he came back home to Green Bay to pursue a second degree in nutrition and dietetics. Tad's philosophy is "healthiness" and "happiness" are synonymous. Considering this, everyone has different needs in their approach to fitness, but the ultimate goal for everyone is to feel better physically and emotionally. This belief is what guides his style of delivering consistently new, fun, and engaging programs for every personal training session and group fitness class he designs.

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