Get Back On Track

May 6, 2021

Alex Awve

We all slip from time to time! Progress isn't always linear and when we're working towards goals, it's expected that there will be occasional setbacks. Don't let your setbacks stop your from reaching your goals! Here are ten tips for getting back on track!


1. Only eat when you are feeling hungry (wait until your stomach is growling but not until you are starving). If you wait until your body goes into starvation mode your body will not burn as many calories.

2. Avoid major hunger by breaking your meals into five smaller meals per day. Think of yourself as a scavenger and try to avoid eating over sized meals.

3. When eating out immediately cut what was given to you in half and take the other half home. This way you get two meals for the price of one and you don’t have to worry about overeating.

4. Know your own body! You will be able to tell when your body is hungry so don’t be afraid to eat.

5. Alcohol will throw off your weight loss goals quickly. A couple nights of drinking in a row could throw off what you had been trying to obtain all week from eating healthy and working out.

6. If you weigh yourself all the time, STOP! Go off how you feel and only weigh yourself occasionally. The number on the scale does not determine how healthy you are.

7. Take small steps, don’t try to change everything in one day. Lifestyle change and maintaining weight loss comes with consistency of healthy choices.

8. Don’t think that you must do multiple workouts every day to lose weight. Loss of weight comes from burning more calories than you are consuming. Weight loss comes from a balance of nutrition and exercise.

9. When working out, it is important to give yourself a break or relaxation day to recover.

10. Be confident in and dedicated to yourself when it comes to being a healthier you! You know what needs to be done. Make good choices!

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