Healthy Avocado Caprese Salad (Dairy-Free)

August 12, 2019

Emily Schield

Are you a tomato lover? Me too. There’s nothing quite like eating a fresh heirloom tomato right off the vine in the heat of summer. I’d love to share a tasty Caprese salad recipe from the blog of Elizabeth Rider, a health expert, author, and creative entrepreneur that I’ve been following for six years. Although this recipe is dairy-free, everyone in Wisconsin who can tolerate cheese should add freshly sliced mozzarella (or mozzarella balls) and pair this salad with grilled chicken. I love the seasonality component of the tomatoes and basil, especially if you have these beauties growing in your backyard. I enjoy the untraditional aspect of thinly sliced watermelon radish as it brings a crunchy texture and pop of color.

This salad becomes more satiating with the high amount of healthy fat from the ever-popular avocado. Something I’ve learned about avocados over the years is to buy them slightly green and wait a few days until the peel turns black and is slightly soft. This ensures that the avocado will be at its peak texture and flavor. Feeling extra fancy? Cut the avocado in half lengthwise, take out the pit, and peel off the skin. This allows you to slice away to perfection and amp up the aesthetics of this salad. Lastly, who doesn’t love balsamic? Even better, a balsamic reduction sauce adds a velvety drizzle of flavor. Not only is this salad simple to prepare, it can be whipped up in an easy ten minutes. It’s the perfect dish to pass at a cookout, graduation party, or a day at the lake - just don’t expect to bring any leftovers home. I hope you enjoy this recipe and savor the freshness that our summer season offers!

Fine the recipe here:

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