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April 3, 2019

Deb Guenterberg

Have you ever thought that in order to be healthy you must give up certain foods? If someone tries one of my prepared dishes or snacks and then states, “it tastes pretty good for being healthy,” I feel I need to change the recipe or buy a new product. News flash…you can have both pure deliciousness AND healthy!

After being a dietitian for more than 20 years, I realize that people have specific foods that they love but they either try to avoid altogether or eat a healthier version of but are not really satisfied with the taste. I want to help you with this dilemma and provide you with recipes and products that I think are pure deliciousness. You may agree or disagree with my selections, but at least it may help you to consider that you can have wholesome and delicious foods at the same time.

Pizza…do you avoid it? There are some healthy, creative ways to make pizza part of your menu, but I wouldn’t be a registered dietitian without reminding you that portion is still key. Check out this pizza recipe from

Ice cream is certainly a fan favorite too, especially as we approach a warmer season. A healthier alternative to ice cream is Halo Top since it is very low in calories. They use the zero-calorie sweetener Stevia and for added sweetness, they use organic cane sugar and erythritol (a type of sugar alcohol). I certainly am not stating that this brand is a ‘healthy snack’, but it does have fewer calories and less fat and could be enjoyed in moderation.

Chocolate is another favorite food that people crave. Desserts can be made with healthier ingredients and still satisfy your sweetness palate. If you believe that chocolate should be a part of your everyday routine, then meet Katie by reading her blog. This blog has not failed me, and I have made quite a few of her decadent desserts for guests and cooking demonstrations. She also has many other recipes for breakfast, lunches and snacks.

Additional healthy recipes, including breakfast foods, can be found at:

I am all about balance. Are you? Aim for eating healthy 85% of the time and 15% of the time you have some of these foods above. Not quite there? Perhaps you are an 80-20 person or maybe you have higher goals and eat healthy 90% of the time and only waiver 10%. Whatever the case, restraining from certain foods can be emotionally and mentally exhausting. Treat food as fuel and just like you choose high-end fuels for your car engine, treat your body the same. Occasionally you can get away with the cheaper choice, but your body will tell you in many ways that it craves the high-end fuel. Choose wisely!

Deb Guenterberg, MS, RDN, CD
Prevea Health Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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