How to do your best squat

April 3, 2019

Casey Alger-Feser

Let’s go over a few details when it comes to squat stance and depth, so that you can make sure you’re doing your best squat every time you squat!

This article is meant to clarify a few things I have seen done differently in the gym and my own personal experience with squatting. Many people use a standard "toes pointed forward" and feet "shoulder width apart" when squatting. If you have the mobility and strength for that set up, go for it. If you feel restricted and unable to reach the depth you want, a wider stance with your toes pointing out could help, as long as the knees track your toes. This can sometimes be the case for taller or longer legged individuals.

In terms of depth or range of motion (ROM), each person will be at a different point. We squat every day, so I encourage you to work on ROM before adding weight. It is fun to compete with your friends and push yourself to lift heavier weight but increasing your ROM before doing that can set you up for long term success.

Remember, many things play into how low you can get on a squat. Everything from ankle mobility, femur length, the hip joint and so on. You could walk through the weight room and see five people squatting and each one might be using a different piece of equipment, a different stance, and different ROM. Keep an open mind and choose your squat based on your body and goals.

Casey Alger-Feser
NASM Certified Personal Trainer

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