Little Bodies, Big Feelings

April 17, 2020

Kaila Paar

We want to make sure everyone is staying healthy and well, including the youngest in our Western community!


This time is odd and uncertain for us all! But how many of us have had a deep conversation with our kiddos to see how they are doing through all this? This is new for them too! A LOT of their daily habits, activities and joys have been totally flipped upside down!


Humans are creatures of habit, kids included! I encourage you to sit down with your kiddos, one on one, and ask some important questions to gauge where they are in their overall mental wellness. This can include a lot of different questions, but the goal is to ask open-ended ones. They will be able to better express how they are feeling when they are given the option to say anything that is currently on their mind. Follow their lead while responding in a way that makes them feel valued, care for, and safe. We want to make sure we are meeting our children on their level to understand what they need to thrive during this time!




What are some feelings you have right now?

 Do you know why we are at home?

 What is something you want to talk about?

 How can I help you feel happy & safe?

 Do you need more or less quiet time?

 What are some ways we can have a better day?

 Are there any activities, games, or things you would like to do together?

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