Skincare as a road map to full body health.

March 14, 2019

Megan Burnach

Skincare doesn’t just entail creams and serums, facials and fillers, it is a whole lifestyle/wellness approach. Think of your skin as a roadmap to what is happening internally—it is a guide to where you may need to do some tweaking or areas of your body that may need some attention. When you come to Spa Western for one of our skin treatments one of the first things we do is a skin consultation.

Never underestimate the power of a good skin consultation—it is a great place to start to find out your skin type, conditions, discuss your lifestyle and where in your skincare journey needs to be adjusted. One of the first places I like to start with my clients is discussing hydration levels and diet. One of the biggest things that many people are missing is the variety of fruits and vegetables which give you the proper balance of vitamins and nutrients your skin needs to be at it’s prime.

A go-to I recommend to my clients is a cold pressed juice, or my favorite, a freshly made smoothie. It is important to know that with smoothies there is two types, a snack and a meal. The difference between the two types is the number of ingredients you incorporate into your smoothie which increases the caloric intake and the nutrition you receive.

A perfect example of a snack smoothie that has many skin benefits is from Western Fuel Bar: Berry Boost Smoothie.

The main key ingredients: strawberries, acai, and blueberries. I love this one as a boost of beauty for your skin and I’m going to break it down:

Strawberry—High in Vitamin C and antioxidants to fight free radicals that cause premature aging. Contains sugar but it is natural sugar, so your body knows how to break this down. Ideally, you want to buy organic as this is classified in the category “dirty dozen”.

Acai—Highest fruit with antioxidants, great for diabetics who want fruit but need low sugar, we carry it in a powdered form, so it can be added to other smoothies easily but for at home use, I suggest buying the frozen packs from Sambazon in the freezer section of the grocery store.

Blueberry—High in antioxidants, proven to help with several skin conditions if consumed daily. One of my favorite berries, this is something you will also want to buy organic when possible.

I am not a nutritionist, dietician or a doctor so as always, make sure you consult your doctor before making any major health changes. What I do have is a passion and knowledge for skin and how it functions and what it takes to be at it’s prime. A healthy diet is a perfect place to start to see a difference in your skin, then we can start approaching your skin from the outside.

Skincare is fun and there are so many components of what healthy skin looks like for every individual person. This is just a great place to start, healthy skin from the inside out. I love to talk about skin and making small, healthy changes to see a big impact so if you have any specific questions please feel free to come say hi and we can talk skin!

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