Staff Spotlight: Jessica Blatz

June 30, 2023

Sophie Bebeau

Welcome to our "Staff Spotlight" series! In this collection of ongoing posts on The Western Blog, we shine a light on the incredible individuals who make Western special! From passionate trainers & instructors to knowledgeable nutritionists and tennis pros, and many other dedicated staff members, we'll introduce you to the talented team behind the scenes. Learn about their expertise and background, plus some fun facts! 

Our staff member in the spotlight this week: group fitness instructor Jessica B! Jessica teaches Tuesday 4:30 pm Step S’HIIT, Wednesday 6:00 am Cycling, and Thursday 5:30 pm Strong Nation, but when she's not getting her fitness on you might find her cuddling with her two fluffy kitties, Reggie and Almond (pics below)!

Q: What is your favorite format to teach and what do you love most about the formats you teach? 

A: Each format that I teach (but Cycling in the Mornings) is unique and works different muscles and brings different energy, I can’t pick just one! 

Q: What made you want to put on a mic and start teaching? 

A: I started my group fitness career right after high school where I struggled with the balance of eating healthy and working out. Group fitness helped me learn that balance and also how to make working out fun and enjoyable. Also, the amazing Kari Merrill hired me after attending one of her Zumba Classes at Western, so happy she did.  

Q: What do you like to do for your own workouts?  

A: My own workouts include elements that I use in the variety of group fitness classes I teach.  

Q: Do you have a favorite class?  

A: I don’t have a favorite class. I love each of my classes separately, as each class brings different members, different music, and different challenges.  

Q: How long have you been teaching? What was your first class like?  

A: I will be celebrating my 5-year anniversary teaching group fitness at Western in October of this year, but I have been teaching group fitness for 5-8 years.  

Q: Are there any formats you’d like to teach in the future? 

A: I would LOVE to teach is Explicit Dance Fitness.  

Q: Outside of group ex, do you have any other jobs?  

A: Currently, I am going to school to become a Medical Coder, as I know this career will compliment my group fitness career.

Q: What is something that motivates you?  

A: There are many things that motivate me in my life–my family and friends and the members in my classes! They give me the motivation to be an energetic instructor to make each class enjoyable and fun.  

Q: Do you have a favorite quote or any words of wisdom you can share?  

 A: My favorite motto I use in my classes to keep members going is “Smile, Sweat, Repeat.” But in everyday fitness life, I also truly live by “never give up” as I suffered an injury of my left shoulder and never thought I would be able to teach group fitness again, but here I am! I pushed through! 

Q: Share a fun fact about yourself!  

A: I have two fluffy kitties at home named Reggie and Almond.  

Lightning Round: Either/Or Questions 

Coffee or tea? Coffee 

Cat person or dog person? Cat person (BUT I also LOVE dogs) 

Tattoos or piercings? Both 

Outer space or the bottom of the ocean? Bottom of the ocean 

Christmas or your birthday? Christmas 

Breakfast or dinner? Dinner 

Texting or calling? Texting 

Burgers or tacos? Tacos 

Movie at home or movie in the theater? Movie at home 

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