The Dimensions of Wellness

March 13, 2020

Alexis Alger-Feser

What does wellness look like to you?

Most people associate wellness with physical and mental wellbeing, however, there is more to wellness than that. In my practice as a Health Coach, I approach wellness with eight different dimensions that I guide my clients through to find their balance. Each wellness journey is unique, so being able to assess all dimensions of wellness helps my clients be the best version of themselves.

Read below for the eight dimensions:


Caring for your body to stay healthy now and in the future.


Understanding and respecting your feelings, values, and attitudes while appreciating the feelings of others; managing your emotions in a constructive way.


Recognizing creative abilities and finding ways to expand knowledge and skills.


Finding a personal satisfaction and enrichment in one’s work and maintaining a work-life balance.


Developing a sense of connection, belonging, and support with others; caring about others and letting others care about you.


Feeling satisfied with current and future financial situations.


Understanding how your social, natural, and built environments affect your well-being and awareness of how your behaviors impact the Earth.


Discovering a sense of purpose, value, and meaning in life, with or without religion.


As you read through the definition of each dimension, think about where you rank within each one. Do you feel fulfilled in one dimension? Lower in another? How do you think you can improve your ranking in a lower dimension? Below are some suggestions to improve wellness in each dimension. These suggestions might no work best for you, so keep searching until you find what does work.



Care for your body with sleep, proper nutrition, and movement.

Bedtime is not just for kids! Allowing your body 7-9 hours of sleep a night will help keep your body functioning properly and healthy.

Try cooking meals at home more often than going out. Prioritize drinking water throughout the day.

Move your body throughout the day by taking the stairs over the elevator, getting up from your desk every hour, and stretching are all activities you can do to move your body, as well as exercise.



Have a healthy relationship with yourself to create healthy relationships with others.

Do activities that make you happy.

Take time for yourself daily.



Your brain deserves to be exercised and strengthen, so find ways to expand your knowledge every day.

Learn a new language.

Try a new hobby.

Be creative.

Read, do puzzles, crosswords, or Sudoku games.



Find a job you feel fulfilled in.

Create boundaries for a work-life balance.

Are you able to “shut off” when you leave work?



Surround yourself with positive and supportive people.

Weed out things and relationships that do not support you.

Join a club or organization.



Address your finances with reducing debt, setting up a budget, and putting money towards retirement.

Utilize community libraries to borrow free books and DVDs.

Cook meals at home instead of dining out.

Shop at thrift stores.



You are who you hang around with. Healthy-minded individuals seek healthy-minded environments.

How are you impacting the Earth? Pick up garbage, recycle, and save water and electricity.

Spend time in nature and enjoy the outdoors.

Create a space at home that makes you happy.



Find activities that give you a sense of purpose and connectedness.

Volunteer your time.

Practice meditation, prayer, self-reflection, and gratitude.

Know your values and live by them.


If you are looking for more assistance with the eight dimensions of wellness, contact me today at

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