Tire Flipping Season Is Here!

April 1, 2021

Olivia LaPlante

The snow has melted, the sun’s out, you know what that means… tire flipping season is right around the corner! I bet you thought I was going to say, “sun’s out, guns out.” In a way that is true too, but we are talking about a hardcore full-body workout this time!
With every exercise, there is a right and wrong way to do it, that is why form is so important when doing any exercise. Tire flipping requires a checklist for correct formation before performing. First, when approaching the tire, you are going to be standing with a wide stance with your toes pointed slightly outward. You start in the position because you will follow by going into a deep sumo squat. When in that position, you’ll find a comfortable spot for your hands under the tire. Check to make sure your back is not rounded - a small part of this exercise is lifting the tire and pushing it over with your upper body, most of the work is done with your legs. You will use the power from your legs to hoist the tire up, engage your core to hold the tire before using your upper body to push it over.
DO NOT lift with your back! I cannot stress this enough. Your glutes should never be in the air before lifting, that is why we make sure our back is not rounded and our body position is low to the ground. Listen to your body, if the tire is too heavy when you attempt to lift it the first time, do not force it. Again, form is very important so if you are lifting something that may be too heavy, you will lose your form and risk serious injury. Start with a smaller tire, have a partner do it with you, and/or ask a trainer for help if you feel you may be doing it wrong.
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