Weight Room Layout

February 20, 2020

Andy Gaustad

For those of you who haven’t noticed, there have been some great changes in the weight room in the past couple weeks. While we strive to update and repair equipment as needed, we also look to add pieces that would benefit members in different ways. The latest pieces of equipment are the preloaded barbells. They range from 20-110 and are stored near the end of the dumbbell rack.

One of the biggest benefits of this is the amount of time it saves. Instead of grabbing a 45 lb Olympic bar and having to add or take off weights, all one has to do is grab a preloaded bar, use it, quickly put it back and grab another as needed. And, for those who prefer barbells to dumbbells or those who are looking to switch it up occasionally, the preloaded barbells offer weights lower than a standard 45 lb bar.

The layout of the gym is a big change as well. We’ve rotated the cable pulley system. The reason behind this was to increase the “walkability” of the weight room. The seated row is now parallel to the windows. The power racks have also been moved to the far wall and moved the dumbbells where they used to be, along the longer wall across from the windows. The reason behind this is so the dumbbell racks and benches can be in one straight line along the wall, instead of two walls and this will increase the accessibility and walking space. Plus, there’s room for all the moveable benches. Overall, the changes will create an improved flow to the gym and allow you to gain access to the equipment you would like to use.

As always, get after your goals, lift safely, please clean put away your equipment after use, and have fun. Please feel free to ask the training staff any and every question regarding exercises, how machines work and form.

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