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Don't waste time struggling to reach your goals on your own. Work with a coach who can help each step of the way.

Our philosophy is that healthiness and happiness are inherently linked. You cannot have one without the other.

Using research-backed coaching and nutrition strategies, we aim to help clients elevate both their health and happiness. Receive personalized health and nutrition coaching from Western's registered dietitian/nutritionist (RD/N), guided by Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size principles and backed by the latest in nutritional science. Whether your goal is improved athletic performance, your general health and well-being, or to never do another diet again, we are here to help!

Why meet with a registered dietitian?

Get research-backed answers to your nutrition questions.
Dispel nutrition myths and avoid common nutrition mistakes.
Receive a customized nutrition/meal plan, made to fit your lifestyle and help you reach your goals.
Learn how changing your dietary intake can improve: Athletic Performance & Recovery, Weight-Management Goals, Immunity, Sleep, Stress, Mood, and More!

How can we help you reach your goals?

Not a member at Western? No problem! Our nutrition coaching is open to the public and can be done in-person, by telephone, or video chat through our health coaching app.

Email Tad Taggart at or fill out the form below to get started!

60-Minute Session

1 Session | $79
3-Pack | $210

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RD Consultations and 60-minute sessions provide ample time for the dietitian to perform thorough assessment of your dietary needs and provide in-depth, effective nutrition recommendations and strategies.

• Discuss previous medical history, current lifestyle, and general health and wellness goals or struggles.
• Receive nutrition education, tailored specifically to you and your needs. Set nutrition goals and strategize to accomplish said goals.
• Collaboratively design a meal plan to help you stay on track with your goals.
• Follow-up sessions are highly recommended to discuss successes and struggles and receive additional nutritional education and strategies to reach goals

How to get the most out of your RD Consultation:

• Bring any and all nutrition-related questions you may have.
• Recording what you eat for 1-3 days and bringing your logs to session is encouraged.
• It is recommended you bring any recent lab work results you've had, lists of any medications and/or supplements you are taking, and be prepared to review any major medical history.

30-Minute Session

1 Session | $45
3-Pack | $120

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Check-in sessions are best for anyone that has high motivation to make changes but still feels the accountability of scheduled sessions can help you continue to progress towards your goals.

• Briefly meet with the RD to discuss progress toward one's goals and any current obstacles.
• Have any nutrition-related questions answered.
• If you have a nutrition plan provided by the RD, review the plan and discuss any changes that might be needed.
• Receive nutrition education and recommendations.

Check-in sessions are recommended only after having at least one 60-minute consultation with the RD. It is highly recommended that at least one check-in or follow up session be scheduled following your Initial Consultation to ensure recommendations
made by the RDN are effective.

Athletic Performance Nutrition Program

6 Week Program | $299

includes one 60-Minute Session &
two 30-Minute Sessions

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This program is designed to tackle every area of nutrition to bring your game to the next level. It includes:

• Comprehensive Performance, Nutrition & Recovery Assessment.
• Individualized Performance Meal Plan.
• Weekly Performance & Recovery Check-Ins.
• Weekly Performance Nutrition Tips & Resources.
• Dietitian-approved recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

This 6-week program starts with an in-depth assessment of your nutrition and recovery by the RD. At the following session, you will receive custom-tailored nutrition advice and a Performance Nutrition Plan to help elevate and accelerate your performance and recovery.

Over 6 weeks, you will receive practical nutrition tips. In addition, you will receive weekly recipes and food recommendations of dietitian-approved fuel choices. You will also have a weekly performance and recovery "check-in" where the RD will make sure you continue to progress throughout the program.

At the end of the program you will have one final session to debrief about how the program went and you will receive an updated Performance Nutrition Plan to fit your goals moving forward.

Start your journey to wellness.

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The information submitted in this request is received and reviewed by Western's Wellbeing Director/Registered Dietitian and remains entirely confidential within the Wellbeing Team at Western. The Wellbeing Director/Registered Dietitian will use this information to clinically direct your care, aligning you with the best coach to meet your needs and help you reach your goals.

Tad Taggart

Registered Dietitian, Precision Nutrition Coach

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Connect with the dietitian using the free Healthie app. This allows you to journal, track progress and build a meaningful relationship with the dietitian so you can achieve better outcomes.

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