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At Western Racquet & Fitness Club, we give you the training and support you need to reach every one of your health and fitness goals.

Hi, I'm Mary Thomas

I know that when it comes to our health and fitness it's about more than a number or size.
It's about staying healthy so that we can be there for those around us. It's about that sense of accomplishment, knowing that we're feeling, moving, and living our best.
With growing responsibilities, more demands on your time, and increased pressures at work and at home, it's easy to lose sight of your health and fitness goals. It doesn't have to be that way though.
That's why in 1974, my family started a club to help individuals from all types of backgrounds improve their overall health and fitness. They did it by giving them access to the industry's leading trainers and a wide variety of programs, built to meet each person where they were at.
Today, we're continuing that tradition by helping hundreds of people reach their own personalized health and fitness goals each year.
At Western, we want to help you take back control by creating a personalized fitness plan that works for you and your schedule. We won't just help you set the right goals, we'll give you all the support and coaching you need to reach each one of them.

Get the Support You Need to Succeed

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Meet the Team

Alex Awve

Director of Personal Training, Health, and Wellness
Alex graduated from UW-Stevens Point with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion and Wellness with a minor in Strength and Conditioning. Alex values personal training as the key to success, and assures that he can find the right trainer for you to see and feel results.
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Melissa Carlson - Western Racquet and Fitness Club Member Services and Billing

Melissa Carlson

Member Services Director
Melissa started working at Western in 2006 and has enjoyed being a part of the Western team as the Front Desk Manager and Member Services and Billing Director. When she isn't at Western, she keeps busy spending time with her husband & two daughters.
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Josh Denault - Western Racquet Adult Tennis Director

Josh Denault

Adult Tennis Director
Josh has been playing tennis for over 17 years and has been coaching tennis for 10. He's excited to bring fresh ideas to the adult programming here at the club. He looks forward to meeting the many new faces at Western as well as catching up with many of his old friends and co-workers.
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Katie DuBois corporate wellness director Western Racquet

Katie DuBois

Corporate Wellness Director
Katie started as a member, then became a Rock Steady Boxing Coach and Group Fitness Instructor, and currently teaches a variety of Group Fitness Classes. When the opportunity arose to become the Corporate Wellness Director at Western, Katie knew it was a natural fit. Her goal is to share her experiences at Western with others in the community, so that they can begin their own Western Wellness journey.
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staci hayes - membership outreach director for western racquet & fitness club - headshot

Staci Hayes

Director of Member Outreach
Pickleball  & Adult Tennis League Coordinator
Staci was a member at Western for 10 years and then joined the Western team in 2022. After staying home and raising her three children, she is now able to utilize her degree in Health and Fitness Promotions. Fitness has always been a part of her life! Working with, helping and meeting the members is her favorite part of the job.
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Bianca Jaimes

Membership Director
Bianca began working for Western in 2015 after leaving Hospitality Management. Since coming aboard she has strived to learn many of Western's roles and best enjoys connecting with Western's members. In her spare time, she loves cooking, baking, reading, and spoiling her cats, nieces, and nephews.
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Katie Kane - Western Racquet and Fitness Club Special Programs and Projects

Katie Kane

Special Projects & Programs Director
Katie enjoys bringing innovative new ideas to Western, as well as working on special projects within the club. She loves being able to work with many different departments at Western in a creative capacity
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Jayson Memken - Western Racquet and Fitness Club Tennis Director

Jayson Memken

Tennis Director
Jayson graduated from Carroll College in 2006 and immediately upon graduation he started his career as a professional tennis instructor. His passion is to see every student achieve their goals both on and off the court.
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Sara Smith

Group Fitness Director
Sara joined Western as a member in 2016 and after 2 years decided she wanted to take a leap and start teaching group fitness classes because she loved them so much. She's been teaching every since and loves fitnessing with all Western's members!

Sara has 3 kids and has been married for almost 18 years. After college, she worked in the healthcare field for 10 years. After having her third child she decided she wanted to be home with her kids more and said goodbye to the night shift life.

Sara truly loves building relationships with Western's members and getting to share the fun of group fitness with you every week!
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Tad Taggart

Wellbeing Team Director
Tad has a personal background in fitness that includes long-distance running, powerlifting, bodybuilding, yoga, boxing, and cardio-kickboxing. He previously studied exercise science and kinesiology near Milwaukee, where his training career began. After graduating from Carroll University, he came back home to Green Bay to pursue a second degree in nutrition and dietetics. Tad's philosophy is that healthiness and happiness are inherently linked. Using scientifically-backed coaching and nutrition strategies, he aims to help my clients elevate both their health and happiness.
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Amy Xiong

Membership Director
Amy has been teaching yoga and and working in membership at Western since 2011. She enjoys connecting with new members and creating a welcoming place as they join our community.
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It's more than a membership.

You're more than a member.

16 certified on-site personal trainers
50+ group fitness classes each week
Spa, aesthetic, and recovery services
Smoothie bar and nutrition services

Take your membership further. Take life further.

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