Member Perks and Extras

Discover extra member perks available to our Western members - from buddy passes and rewards points to wellness & recovery services and apparel and more!

smiling man and woman working out on rowing machines at a Green Bay, Wisconsin gym, in a group fitness class

New gym jitters? We've got a buddy built into your membership.

We know venturing into unknown territory can be nerve-racking. That's why we created the We Connect program, to make your first group fitness experience unforgettable.

You'll team up with a seasoned Western member who will be your personal sidekick in your chosen class, guiding you every step of the way - from prepping your gear and equipment to answering your questions.

To get paired up with your We Connect Buddy, please contact Membership Outreach Director Staci at
brown and black weight machine on gym room floor at Western Racquet & Fitness Club in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Master the Machines with a free fitness floor & equipment orientation.

We know that learning something new can feel intimidating, especially at the gym. That's why every first Tuesday of the month, you can join a Western Personal Trainer for a free session of Master the Machines, offered at 9:00am and 5:00pm.

• Get a guided tour of the workout floor & learn how each machine is used
• Learn proper technique & body placement
• Learn about the different outputs & programs on cardio equipment
• Get workout questions answered by a certified personal trainer

No sign up required. Meet at the Personal Training desk.
Two smiling gym members, a man and a woman, ride on Peloton exercise bikes in Western Racquet & Fitness Club in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Working out is better together! Get your free month-long buddy pass.

Working out with a buddy = more accountability, more motivation, more calories burnt, and more FUN! That's why all new members of Western get to start their membership with a free month-long Unlimited Buddy Pass.

With the Unlimited Buddy Pass, you can bring a friend or family member with you to the gym for free during your first month of membership. This is the perfect opportunity to share your fitness journey with someone you care about, and to help them kickstart their own health and wellness goals.

Get your free Buddy Pass when you sign up for membership!
Three shirts branded with the Western Racquet & Fitness Club logo.

Visit the Western apparel store & rep your gym in style.

Hoodies, t-shirts, youth apparel, and more are available at the member apparel store. Choose from a variety of Western-branded items with fun sayings, designs, and the club's logo.

Buy something from the Western apparel store? Let us know on social media by tagging @westernracquet on Instagram or Facebook. We'd love to show you some love for showing us the love with a $10 Western credit!
smiling young woman greets a gym member of Western Racquet & Fitness Club in Green Bay, Wisconsin as they check in at the front desk

Rack up the rewards with the Western Rewards Program.

Our rewards points program for gym members lets you earn points and redeem for a wide range of rewards throughout the club.

How do members earn points?
25 points for at least 12 check-ins each month
50 points on your birthday 🎂
500 points when you refer a prospective member
1500 points when you refer a month-to-month member
3000 points when you refer a 12- or 24-month member

Check your point total easily on your WellnessLiving profile and redeem your points whenever you want. Questions? Let us know! Email Member Services Director, Melissa Carlson, at

Frequent traveler? Western members get easy access to gyms across the world with the IHRSA Passport.

You don't need to miss your wellness and fitness routine while you're away from home! Get flexible day and week passes for gyms in 45+ countries. To take part in the IHRSA Passport Program, you need the TrainAway app and an invitation code from Western. This code is how we identify you as a member of a Passport Program club, which you need to receive your discounted access to other fitness centers. Click the button below to download the TrainAway app and e-mail to get Western's invitation code.
woman in braids and a pink shirt gets her back massaged by a hyperice massage gun at Western Racquet & Fitness Club

Recover faster & move better with free Hyperice services.

Hyperice devices allow you to move better & recovery from your workouts faster, so you can feel your absolute best. Get these four recovery services for free each month as a Western member:

Hyperice Roller
Hyperice Massage Gun
Hyperice Sphere

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